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CRM is about creating sustainable connections between an organization and its customers. It evolved in the late 1990s as a way to redefine customer and company relations, mostly with the help of computerized measurement tools. It’s about acquiring and retaining customers, improving customer loyalty, gaining customer insight and implementing customer-focused strategies.

SAP has introduced the CRM application which will help your company drive to new growth, maintain competitive nimbleness and attain operational excellence. According to the needs of the customers SAP has introduced CRM to give quick time to value and seamless best-practice operations between front and back-office. Armed with an understanding of the comprehensive functionality in SAP CRM, person can manage the entire customer life cycle efficiently and intellectually.

Every business must be quick in solving problems that may hinder their progress, they need to be open-minded and take risks to succeed. So Implementing CRM is a great way to reduce cost and at the same time increase earnings. CRM Software from SAP: Act Immediately. Grow Strategically. Without any Compromise.

SAP -CRM software is easy to use, it is web based and available on subscription basis. With SAP, organizations can act instantly to improve sales, service, and marketing effectiveness while still keeping strategic options open and without compromising cost-effectiveness or user adoption.


SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) is a part of the SAP Business Suite containing a central CRM server that can be used to access the system via multiple channels. The course covers UI framework, Interaction center agent, business roles and configuration of roles, Master data management & configuration Management, business transaction, transaction launcher, broadcast messaging profiles, CRM sales order & sales ticket. Interactive scripting & lead Management. E-mail response management system (ERMS) and IC manager dashboard are also covered in this program.

Course Description

  • SAP overview
  • Account Management
  • Organizational Management
  • Product Master
  • Transaction Processing
  • Activity Management
  • Partner Processing
  • Actions
  • Pricing Fundamentals
  • CRM Billing
  • Customer Interaction Center