Tableau Training

1. Introduction and Overview • Why Tableau? Why Visualization? • Level Setting – Terminology • Getting Started – creating some powerful visualizations quickly • The Tableau Product Line • Things you should know about Tableau 2. Getting Started • Connecting to Data and introduction to data source concept • Working with data files versus database […]

Microstrategy online Training

Introduction of Microstrategy Microstrategy Architecture Microstrategy Desktop Microstrategy Web Microstrategy Basic Concepts Microstrategy Servers Administration Folder Structure My Personal Objects Public Object Schema Object Metadata Report View Auto Styles Custom Groups Facts Tables Update Schema Micro Strategy Tutorial (Direct) Advance Features Project Configuration Attribute Creation Metric Creation Drill Map Templates Prompt Filter Administration Facts Creation […]

Crystal Reports Training

Overview of Crystal Reports Formatting and summarizing data Filtering, sorting and grouping data Customizing reports with business logic Connecting to SQL Server, Oracle and Access databases Adding charts and sub reports to a report The Crystal Report Writer Writing a basic report Selecting a format Adding text and fields Connecting to remote data sources Configuring […]


QLIKVIEW OVERVIEW: Qlikview Intro Traditional BI tools vs Qlikview In-Memory technology Architecture of Qlikview Social media analytics Collaboration CREATING THE FIRST QLIKVIEW DOCUMENT: How to install qlikview desktop What are types of desktop – Machine wise Back end scritping window Front end UI window and shortcuts QLIKVIEW SCRIPTING: ODBC/OLEDB connection details How to connect to […]