Tera data Training

Teradata Architecture and Components PDE(Parallel Data Extension) Vprocs (virtual processors) PE (Parsing Engine) AMP (Access Module processing) Board less Bynet TDP (Teradata Directory Program) CLI (Call Level Interface) TPA (Trusted parallel Application) Going in depth by explaining the process of SQL statement execution Various Architecture Node Architecture (shared nothing) SMP Architecture MPP Architecture Parallelism Architecture […]

SAS Training

PART-I BASE SAS Introduction To SAS System & Architecture History And Various Modules Features Variables & SAS Syntax Rules SAS Data Sets Data Set Options Operators Reading Raw Data Infile Statement With Options Working With External Files & Options Multiple Observations Input Styles Select Statement Leave and Continue Statements Creating & Redefining Variables Where Statement […]

MSBI Training

MicroSoft – BI (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS) SSIS–Objectives: Plan data transfer and staging solutions for an ETL operation. Plan an SSIS Solution Design and implement data flows Incorporate logging, error handling, and reliability into a package. Optimize an SSIS solution Deploy and operate an SSIS solution. SSAS – Objectives: Describe how SQL Sever Analysis Service can […]

Cognos Training

COGNOS INTRODUCTION Introduction to Cognos Introduction about Cognos other products Introduction to Cognos 7 Cognos 8 Architecture COGNOS REPORT NET VS COGNOS 8 COGNOS FRAMEWORK MANAGER Creation of Data Source Connection for database and Power play cube Creation of project, Query subjects Creation of Query subjects Joins Working with Folders, Creating Folders Creation of Packages, […]

Informatica Training

Informatica Online Training With Cognos Integration   We Give Corporate Training on Informatica with Cognos Integration and Also We will deploy Entire Software in Clients System So that Client don’t have to Depend on Server Access. Introduction to Datawharehousing Video Demonstration Introduction to Informatica Power Center Designer:- Source Analyzer Target Designer Maplet Designer Transformation Developer […]

Datawarehousing Training

DataWarehousing Courses Overview: Data-ware Housing program play a key role in the IT Data Base industry. So,people thinking about their career as a application manager. Data-ware Housing courses are major courses for the career aspirants in IT globe. Here, Tectist is the best online training provider is based on modern training solutions. We offer DataBase […]